QuickPhos TM

QuickPhos products are prepared in three forms : Tablets , Pellets & Bags &  are used to protect stored commodities from damage by insects.

Aluminium phosphide fumigants are acted upon by atmospheric moisture to produce phosphine gas (PH3)

QuickPhos Tablets, Pellets and Bag contain aluminium phosphide as their active ingredient and will liberte phosphine on reaction with moisture.

Reaction: AlP + 3H2O → Al(OH)3 + PH3
This reaction starts slowly and gradually accelerates and then tapers off again as the aluminium phosphide is spent.

Characteristics AlP Tablets AlP Pellets AlP Bags
Weight 3 g 3 g 12 g 0.6 g 10 g 34 g
A.I. content 56 % 56% 15% 56% 56% 56%
Colour Greenish yellow Greenish yellow Greenish yellow Greenish yellow Greenish yellow Greenish yellow
Odour Garlic like Garlic like Garlic like Garlic like Garlic like Garlic like
Amount of Phosphine release 1 g 1 g 1 g 0.2 g 3 g 11 g

Product Range

      Aluminium Phosphide Flat Tablets - Tube Packing

480 g x 24 tins / case
960 g x 12 tins / case
960 g x 15 tins / case
1440 g x 9 tins / case

      Aluminium Phosphide Round Tablets - Flask Packing

90 g x 100 flask / case
300 g x 6 flask / case
500 g x 40 flask / case
1.0 kg x 21 flask / case
1.5 kg x 14 flask / case

      Aluminium Phosphide Pellets - Flask Packing

1.0 kg x 21 Flask / case
1.5 kg x 14 Flask / case

      Aluminium Phosphide Bags - Bag Packing

204 g x 36 tins /case
340 g x 6 tins / case
340 g x 24 tins / case
340 g x 36 tins / case
3.4 kg x 2 tins / case
3.4 kg /drum


MagnaPhos fumigant is acted upon by atmospheric moisture to produce phosphine (PH3 ) gas

MagnaPhos Tablets, Pellets , Bags and Plates contain magnesium phosphide as their active ingredient & liberate phosphine via the following reaction :

Reaction: Mg3P2 + 6 H2O → 3 Mg(OH)2 + 2PH3

MagnaPhos decomposes much faster than Aluminium Phosphide (QuickPhos). The maximum concenration of Phosphine is reached in 24 - 36 hours depending on ambient temperature & humidity.

MagnaPhos is most commonly used fumigant for the control of stored tobacco, stored grain pests particularly when the temperatures are low and when quick release of phosphine gas is desired.

Characteristics MgP Tablet - 66 % MgP Pellet - 66 %  MgP Plates - 56 %
Weight 3 g 0.6 g 117 g
Amount of Phosphine release 1 g 0.2 g 33 g

      Magnesium Phosphide Tablet

1.0 kg x 21 Flask
1.5 kg x 14 Flask

      Magnesium Phosphide Pellet

1.0 kg x 21 Flask / case
1.5 kg x 14 Flask / case

      Magnesium Phosphide Plates

 60 plates x drum
60 plates x box 

QuickPHlo - RTM Phosphine generator & QuickPHlo - RTM granules - Aluminium Phosphide 77.5 %

- Clean
- Less Laborious
- Accurate
- Safe
- Simple

QuickPHlo - R Phosphine generator

  • The latest technology for on site instant controlled generation of phosphine gas from Aluminium Phosphide formulation
  • The phosphine generator assembly is placed on ground outside the grain storage structure to be fumigated.
  • The gas enters the structure through a flexible pipe at the bottom of the structure.
  • The gas distribution in storage is uniform and is part of the system.
  • Multiple assemblies can be used for higher rates of phosphine
  • The assembly is portable / transportable
  • System needs only atmospheric air and does not need any other gases
  • The syatem has a battery back -up for power fialures
  • Suitable for all kind of sealed strucutres for quick and even distribution of gas
  • The generators are tailor made as per customer requirements
  • Smaller generators for chambers & containers from 56 gm onwards
  • For Bulk storage : 1 kg -25 kg
  • Phosphine generation is complete in two hours
  • Does not need expensive infrastrucutre at site
  • Battery back - up provided for paower failures
  • All operations are automatic with in built safety interlocks


√ Quick to assemble
√ Instant phosphine generation
√ Controlled rate of gas generation
√ Safe
√ Portable / Transportable
√ Convenient to handle
√ Robust
√ Operator friendly
√ Uniform and faster distribution of gas
√ Less laborious than conventional method
√ No solid residue in grains
√ Wetaher - proof equipment

QuickPHlo - R 77.5 % granules

Packing  4.4 kg 2.2 kg 0.550 kg 0.125 kg
Amount of Phosphine release 2.0 kg 1.0 kg 0.250 kg 0.056 kg

Only QuickPHlo – R Granules must be used with the QuickPHlo – R Phosphine Generator for generating phosphine gas.

Automatic Tablets/Pellets Dispenser

Aluminium Phosphide is one of the most versatile and effective fumigant for the control of storage pests and it has been accepted internationally as a fumigant. UPL Ltd. is the pioneer and world leader for manufacturing of the “QuickPhos”

Automatic Dispenser is safe method for dispensing “QuickPhos” Tablets & Pellets The installation of vertical silo bins is continuing world wide to improve grain storage facilities. Thus the fumigation technique become vital and it needs equipment which is easier, effortless and simplifies the fumigation and can be installed in virtually all silos, As UPL Ltd. is pioneer in safe application of fumigation technique, it is offering a sturdy and reliable machine which takes care of applicator’s handling and dosing error of fumigant. This unit ensures the uniform dispensing of Tablets & Pellets

Handy QuickPhosTM Pellet dispenser


Probes are specially designed for the purpose to insert the Tablets & pellets into the grain bins . AlP Tablets & Pellets may be applied to the grain mass by probing them below the grain surface. The length of the probe can be varied by screwing on a number of sections, the bottom section is fitted with a hinged flap to prevent grain from running up the probe on insertion. Probe should be inserted vertically at interval along the lenght & width of the flat storage. Pellets or tablets may be dropped into the probe at intervals as it is withdrawn.

Insect cards

Stored grains are subject to infestation. It is important to control insect population before grains are infested & hence it is important to distinguish between species of stored grain pests since the insects have different damage potential, different biological development. Insect species create diffrent types of damage and have diffrent activity periods. Hence, identifying insect pests is very important for controlling insect problems in storage grains.

Insect cards helps to recognize different species of insect for storage grains pest. It shows the picture & sample of insects for identification.

Fumigation Boards

Fumigation Boards are used for Rail car fumigation. Single bag is kept in a pouch in a series of 5 on a board. The number of bags varies depending on the requirement.

Fumigation Board

Fumigation Disc

Fumigation Pillow